Titles of Some of My Songs

Adult Pop

  1. Forever Yours
  2. Since You Came Into My Life
  3. If You Believe In Me
  4. I'll Come To You
  5. I Just Close My Eyes
  6. I Am The One Who Loves You
  7. Love Happened To Me
  8. Again

Mainstream Adult Contemporary

  1. Just One More Time
  2. And Then I Cried
  3. And Now You're Gone
  4. I Will Love You Forever
  5. All I Can Do Is Cry
  6. Don't Say Goodbye
  7. My Prayer For You
  8. A Perfect Love


  1. In Heaven With God
  2. Music In My Heart
  3. I'll Be Strong Again
  4. Believe In Miracles
  5. Today Is A Gift
  6. Angels All Around You


  1. The Dance
  2. Country Blues